Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stitches on Saturday - The Running Stitch

Each Saturday I plan to introduce you to the many of stitches used in embroidery.

It was in years gone by the women and especially women of good breeding to know how to be accomplished at embroidery or also known as needlework. It was not uncommon for women to spend any a day spending their free time working on exquisite works of art with their needlework. She was also required to be able to do the more dull aspects of sewing required for the family. A woman of notable breeding would of course contract out the best part this work out to seamstress.
A married woman however would be required to take care of her husband’s shirts, cravats, and minor family mending.

This week we are looking at the simplest of the stitches, the running stitch.    

Running Stitch Instructions
Step 1: Thread the needle and make a knot at the end of the two strands to keep them together. It is advisable to take a thread of your arm length to avoid tangles and knots. Re-thread the needle whenever you run out of thread. This does not spoil the embroidery.

Step 2: Insert the needle into the fabric and pull it through the backside, using the knot at the end of the thread to anchor it to your fabric. See the following diagram to understand how to begin the first stitch.

Step 3: In the next step, you need to insert the needle tip back into the fabric, about ¼ inch from the spot where you pulled your thread for the previous stitch. Push the needle through the fabric and pull it out again instead of pulling your needle through your fabric at once.

Step 4: Continue working in the same manner, pulling the needle through your fabric to make consecutive running stitches.

Step 5: If using the stitch for making gathered sleeves or a gathered skirt, pull on your thread once you are done stitching the complete length of the fabric. Hold the end of the fabric near the very first stitch and gently pull on the thread to gather the material smoothly and avoid tangles. It is advisable to make a knot after few inches of interval to make sure that the gathers remain in place.
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