Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday’s Fashion ~ Ackermann’s Repository February 1809

This week I’m look at fashion for ladies and gentlemen from Ackermann’s Repository for February 1809.


An Egyptian head-dress of silver and pearls, one point falling on the left shoulder, finished with a tassel; the hair is loose ringlets; pearl ear-rings, bracelets and necklace; a train dress of brocaded sarsenet, trimmed with silver and vandyked; lace around the neck in form of a tucker, long sleeves of Mecklin or Brussels lace; white gloves and fan; shoes the same as the dress, of brocaded silk, with silver bows.


The head ornamented with bandeaus of frosted gold; gold necklace, ear-rings, armlets; white satin opera dress, trimmed all round with gold, tied in the front with gold cord and tassel; white satin shoes, trimmed with gold, and gold buttons in front; white gloves, and fauedged with gold.


The prevailing colours for mantles and pelisses are gold, orange, and Bishop’s blue; for ball and full dress, satin, tissues, brocaded silks, and velvet are generally worn, trimmed with gold and silver; - Henry VIII hats, trimmed or embroidered with beads, gold, silver or chenille, are becoming and fashionable; feathers of various colours to correspond are likewise much worn. For morning dresses, bombazeens are coming into fashion; the prevailing colour, dark, purple, or Bishop’s blue.
In gentlemen’s dress there is little variation since our last number.

Madame Lanchester (St James street) has furnished the designs of the fashion with her usual taste.
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