Friday, March 28, 2008

Borders ~ I've Been Bad AGAIN

I had to go back to the doctor's yesterday, just a check up after my day surgery. He has put me on some different tables in the hope that these might spot my nausea, one can only hope. Anyway after I left the doctors I went to borders just for a look mind you. Yeah right, as if, I should know better.

So what did I buy this time? Well I got my first Anne Gracie novel YA. 'The Perfect Kiss', I've heard some very good reviews about this book, so I'm very excited about reading it. I also got Lucy Clark, 'Her Very Special Baby', Jennie Adams, 'To Love And To Cherish', Anne Oliver, 'Business In The Bedroom', and Trish Morey, 'The Sheikh's Convenient Virgin'. I just don't know which to read first, plus I still have a mile and a half of other novels to read. Sigh, just not enough hours in my day to fit everything in.

While I was in Borders I had to do some shelf rearranging. I mean how rude can they be? Fancy putting our own fantastic Trish behind the Mother's Day Special box when they clearly have enough of them out on display. Well Trish is front and centre now, as is Anne Oliver. They had her behind someone else, not good enough. When will these people learn that they should be promoting our own authors. I just know I'm going to have to go over to my two local Big W stores and do some more rearranging, oh and K-Mart as well. ;-)
Now I didn't just buy novels, I also bought Susie Bright's 'How to Write a Dirty Story', yes I know I'm suppose to be writing contemporary romance. Just couldn't help myself, I have started an erotic novel so thought this might help. Mind you if I do decide to go the erotic way, my daughter has told me to use a different name. (Cheeky little devil). I also got Louise Jordan's How To Write For Children - and get published', this one to help me with my stories I'm writing about my grandson's adventures. :-). For reference books I picked up 'Sex Slang' by Tom Dalzell and Terry Victor, very interesting book, IMHO. And because my spelling is just atrocious I got 'The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Misspelled and Easily Confused Words'. So as you can see I had another fun fill day in my little slice of heaven.

Oh, I also got this cute journal; Books To Check Out, you write down all the books you want to read, borrow or lent, and your favourite books. So I'm making my list of books I want to buy. I now know they can get me some of Anne Whitfield's, so next time I'm down there I'm going to place my order. I'll also have my list to take to my local library, hopefully I'll be able to get them to stock a few of our own brilliant authors ;-).

Okay that's me for another blog. I'm going to do some housework, YUCK. I've put SVEN on hold for a couple of days, I'll get back into that on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

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