Friday, March 21, 2008

New Respect for Website Builders

Yes, I have a new respect for people who spend their days doing web sites. I have spent the better part of the day reworking my web site.

Did you know that your site can look completely different depending on which web browser you use. I had a few people tell me that some of my headings were over running paragraphs. Absolutely amazing. I thought you did your thing then put it on the web. Yeah right, not even close.

So today I had three different browsers going to check how I was going. I'd do a bit save it, Then check the browser's. I had to do away with my side bar links thingy to my pages, all three were showing different results. One was perfect, everything where it should have been. But the other two, shutter, just the thought of it. So I dumped it all, looks better now anyway I think. I checked out some of the other girls sites and they only have the navigator bar.

I also found this really cool link widget thingy. My blog is linked to it so if you're on my site you can read my blog there. So cool.

As you can imagine, I've done no writing or editing today. Plus the fact that my ear is giving me hell. Had to get Jim to drive me over shopping, I had enough trouble walking in a straight line let alone try to drive. Hence I didn't go for my review with the doctor either, put that off until next week.

Thanks everyone for your comments about my site and to all those lovely people that let me know I had a few problems and or mistakes a big THANK YOU, it is good to know that you took the time to read what I had to say.

Okay that is more then enough dribble for one night. Hope you all have a great Easter.

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