Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 5 of Sven & 2nd Sign-in

Moving along pretty well with my latest project. So far I’ve written just over 6,000 words since Sven started on Saturday. I’m also just under 25,000 words for the novel, still untitled.

I seem to be doing everything back to front on this novel. I always have a title picked out before I start my writing and I know, or at least have names for my characters. At this stage I have a first name for my heroine but no surname. I’m also not at all happy with either my hero or heroines names. Oh well, if they are any thing like my other characters they’ll let me know what their names should be somewhere down the track.

Right now I’m heading off to bed, it’s 12.40 am here. Yet another late night. I’ll blog again soon.


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