Sunday, April 13, 2008

Been Missing In Action

Now I don't want you thinking I've been sitting around doing nothing, because I haven't, I've been very busy. I've helped set up another blog site for our June writing challenge. '50ks In 30 Days' pretty nifty name isn't it?

The site is: drop by and have a look. We are working on it all the time adding things here and there. We are also going to have a few people post blogs that have done NaNo a few years to give any new challengers an idea on what to expect with writing for a month flat-out. I've also asked one of the girls that did NaNo last year and had began the month not sure she would ever get to write a full novel. In the end had written her 50,000 words and was quiet pleased with herself. Which she had every right to be.

I've also been doing some great word sprint with Diane and Rachel C. A great way to spend your evenings. Sets of 15 to 30 minutes writing sprints. You would be surprised just how much writing you can get done like that.

Oh and one more thing, Devon Gray a very special friend I've made since I've started blogging got a full MS request. How cool is that? Rachel C and I will be singing from the roof tops when her release date is announced. So stay turned. In the mean time drop by Devon's blog and say 'hi' as well as congratulate her.

Okay, I have some sprinting to do with Diane. So catch you later.

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