Friday, April 18, 2008

Haunted By The Past

Ever since I wrote my blog on how I got started, I've been getting bits and pieces of the stories I'd thrown out. Yes I'm being haunted by my past characters. At first I just thought they were new characters wanting to join the mad house that is living in my head these days. Until I got a flash of a young girl so excited about her wedding day, she rushes into her sisters bedroom with a newspaper in hand to show said sister the article about her wedding. What she finds changes her life forever.

In her sisters bed is none other then her expected bridegroom asleep with her sister wrapped in his arms. My thought was, crap had that vision before. Yes this is one of the stories I' tossed out all those years ago. I guess they feel they have a right to have their stories told as well as the rest of my characters. Yep, even the one about the widow and her boss is filtering through. All I can do is jot down the little bits I'm getting here and there and hope for the best.

So now I have no idea what I am going to do for '50ks In 30 Days' other then adding to my already over flowing collection of WIP. I'm not game to think about starting something new. I don't have the space for any more people in my 'Head City'. I'm having a population explosion. Does anyone know how to switch it off? Is there a switch somewhere I need to flick? It's Frantic Friday today, all I know for sure is that it is Friday and I'm frantic. Frantic for some peace.

Our '50ks In 30 Days' challenge is growing so we should have a great month. We have a few more people doing the nightly word sprints with us, although I had to pass on last night as I was just too wiped out from family commitments yesterday. But tonight I will be ready to take the world on, (well I'm telling myself that). By the time tonight comes around I just may have myself believing it as well.

WRW-BIAW is on again next week so that should be a very good fore-runner for June. Hubby is still home next week and he'll be hopping on the young horse he is breaking-in so I'll have to sit outside to keep an eye on him. At least I have my trusty lappy I can write and watch him at the same time.

Okay that is my rant for the moment, I off to do some washing. Catch ya later.

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