Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Putting Your Foot In It

Well I seem to have put my foot well and truly in it this week. No matter what did or where I did it, I stuffed up, (hurt someone’s feelings which I had not meant to do) or in one case sent a private email to someone I think is pretty special and left a very important word out. A small word, but one that changed the whole context of the sentence. What is the word 'not'. I then had to email this person back and tell them how sorry I was. Thank heavens they were gracious enough to forgive me.

What did I learn from this great mess up? Never, never, write a scene where your hero and heroine are having a disagreement about, who is or is not in the wrong and whose fault it is. Because it is very easy to mess up what you should be writing and to whom.

So what else have I been up too. I have three new stories in the pipeline. Heavens, this is getting way out of control. I have so many people running around in my head it is getting quiet crowded up there. It's like they are having one great bit party going on, (Yes I know there is a lot of area for them to play) they do get pretty noisy up there. So I've been busy writing, messing up email site with a couple of friends. Although in our defence we were doing writing sprints, got some really good word counts done. It is amazing how much you can get done in half an hour.

Well I better get back to my writing, have a hunky hero calling.

Catch ya later.
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