Saturday, September 25, 2010

17th Century Shopping Trip

Here is my second assignment for 'From Farthingales to Flappers: What's in your Historical Heroine's Wardrobe’ shopping trip.
Historical Heroine Wardrobe 17th Century.

This time my heroine is shopping in France for her new wardrobe.

On her shopping list today:

1pr shoes - 3livre

2pr stockings - 1 louis
1 petticoat – plain - 96sous
1 corset - 18sous
1 cap – lappet cap - 12sous
1 shift - 1/5 ecu
1 kercheif - 10sous
1 cloak - 30livres
1pr draws - 8sous

She is also going to have a gown made for her by one of France’s expert seamstress.


A square neckline embroidered bodice with flared sleeves to below the elbow and lace frill under pleated edge. Embroidered over gown with train, hitched into a bustle back over an exposed petticoat with heavy ruffled hem. An embroidered corset is to be worn under the bodice.

The colours are a rich maroon and gold.

This is at the bargain price of 10louis. Yes, it costs to have a custom dress made in France, but she will be the talk of the new season, Fashion as at the late 17th century.

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