Monday, September 20, 2010

Male Monday ~ James Darcy

Welcome to Male Monday. Let me introduce you to James Darcy, my hero from Having Her Best Friend's Baby.


Name: James Darcy

Age: 34

Height: 6’ 6”

Hair colour: Black

Eye’s colour: Blue

Physical description: Athletic, with toned muscled arms and legs. Oval face, full lips, tanned complexion.

Family Affiliations: Only child parents divorced: Mother has had a sting of younger lovers and his father has been married 4 times.

Career: CEO & Co-owner of Marketing Business

Basic Traits: Strong, reliable, trustworthy, ambitious, and determined. Can be suspicious of women and their motives.

HIS GOAL: To make his business a success and to have his partner Lexie look at him as something other than just a friend.

HIS MOTIVATION: James wants to prove to his father that he can make his own way without the help of family money.
He has loved Lexie for years and she is the only woman he would ever think of settling down with and give his children the stable home he never had growing up.

CONFLICT: His father can be over powering and believes his way is always the best.
He wants to help Lexie conceive a child, but NOT via AI.

HIS CORE BELIEF: That he will never make a good husband or father as he never had an example of how to act like one, plus he is often told he is like his father.

Meet Lexie on Wednesday.

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