Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Contemporary Romance Novel

This is the contemporary novel I’ve been working on lately. It is also the one I have entered in the M&B New Voices Contest. Originally I was going to enter it in the Romance Writers’ of Australia High Five contest, but instead decided to use my Historical Romance for that one.

So here is the basic outline and blurb:

Title: Having Her Best Friend’s Baby

Hook: Best Friends become lovers – Marriage of Convenience

Setting: Sydney around the beach areas

Time Frame: Late October to Early July

Target: HM&B Sexy Sensation


Lexie Chambers and James Darcy have been friends since 1st grade and have a strong working and personal relationship. So it seemed natural to Lexie, that when she decided to have a child, that she would turn to her best friend and business partner for help.

James Darcy is less than impressed when Lexie tells him she wants to have a baby and wants him to be the father. He is even less impressed when she announces that it’s just his sperm she wants and not his body. The last thing James wants is to course problems with their friendship, so why is he so insistent that they conceive the baby the natural way?

What will taking the step from friend to lover mean to their friendship? Are they willing to pay the price?

Tomorrow I’ll post a brief character sketch for my hero James Darcy. I really like James, he is so good for Lexie, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

See ya around

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