Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's Women ~ Lexie Chambers

Wednesday is Heroine day, or Wednesday's Women. This week I'm introducing Lexie Chambers from Having Her Best Friend's Baby.

Lexie is one of those girls, that finds it easier to chat with her man friend (James Darcy) than girlfriends. In fact if she had to, Lex would find it hard to name a really close female she can talk to openly.


Name: Lexie Chambers

Age: 34

Height: 6'

Hair colour: Blonde – long & wavy

Eye’s colour: Blue

Physical description: Slim, toned body, almond shaped eyes, full bottom lip, high cheekbones, and long eyelashes.

Family Affiliations: The youngest of two girls, has always been treated as a blonde bimbo by her parents and her older sister.

Career: Co-owner and head Ad designer of own Marketing business with James Darcy.

Basic Traits: Intelligent, funny, friendly, impulsive, stubborn, independent, lacks self-confidence around her family.

HER GOAL: To have a baby she can love and who will love her. Have her parent accept her for the person she is.

HER MOTIVATION: Wants to prove to her family that she is responsible.

CONFLICT: She wants to conceive her child by AI. She is afraid if she and James cross the line from friends to lovers she will lose him as a friend and a business partner.

HER CORE BELIEF: That sooner or later everyone she loves will turn his or her backs on her.

I'm still working on finding out more about both Lexie and James, as well as their story.

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