Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Male ~ Rhett Butler - Recycled

Yes I’m recycling again. But really I had these on the other blog, so I may as well use them. Besides IT”S CLARK GABLE.

Here is another Male Monday. This week I thought I’d chat about that devil may care hero Rhett Butler. Gone With The Wind is one of my all time favourite movies. There are some people who can’t take to Rhett or Scarlett for that matter, but I love them both. To me Rhett is the ultra alpha hero, he doesn’t let anyone put crap on him, not even the woman he loves, he’s tough, caring when he needs to be and hot! Clark Gable played the role to perfection, but than most of Mr. Gable’s movies are spot on. Yes, I’m a BIG fan of Clark Gable.

But, back to Rhett. From the start he shows he is a man willing to take risks, not afraid to say what is on his mind and goes after what he wants, namely Scarlett O’Hara. Only one movie was ever made of Gone With The Wind, much to my delight, of course there is the dismal attempt of a tele-movie Scarlett. How could anyone in their right mind cast Timothy Dalton as Rhett, for heaven’s sake, he turned a mucho Rhett into a wishy washy pansy man, and don’t get me started on Joanne Whalley-Kilmer.

My favourite scene is after they fight their way out of Atlanta and tells Scarlett he is going to enlist. Before he leaves he tells Scarlett he loves her more than he has ever loved any woman and he has waited for her longer than he has ever waited for any woman, then he kisses her passionately.

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