Saturday, October 9, 2010

1812 Regency Shopping ~ Hunting Party Weekend

This will be the last of my Saturday Shopping blogs for a while. I’ll come up with something new for new week.

Lady Heroine has been invited to the estate of a good friend for a weekend. The weekend is the chance Lady Heroine has been waiting for to impress her good friend’s brother and hopefully ignite a romance between them. Lord GFB is of course not looking for a romance at the moment he is quiet content to live the bachelor life.

On the shopping list today:

A New Riding Habit. After all what better way to show a man how capable she is than out on a hunt.

A habit of pale blue and decorated soft dove gray braiding. The jacket is fitted to show off the best features of Lady Heroine’s figure A cravat of soft muslin is worn under the high necked jacket collar trimmed with lace. The hat of pale blue satin and trimmed with ribbons and feathers.

A morning dress made of muslin with a high neck collar and laced front and embroidered hem and sleeves. A sky blue pelisse with fur trim and matching bonnet is ordered.

For the evening a gown with a low square bodice tightly fitted to her figure and one slight strap over each shoulder, leaving the bust, shoulders and arms bare. A small sash under the bust and the dress has a short train.

For accessories and shoes, Lady Heroine has ordered a pair half-boots with rear lacing, and a pair of slippers with squared insteps. Gloves for evening, day and riding are also ordered.

And a few other outfits that have taken Lady Heroine's fancy.

That ends my shopping trip for today.

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