Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Male - Edmund Bertrum ~ Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park is believed to be the novel that readers like the least of Jane Austen's novels. The adaptation to film and television like many take liberties with Miss Austen work. If you think about it, that goes with any novel adapted to film or television, I guess directors, screenwriters etc, like to leave their own mark of the stories.

Today for Monday's Male I'm looking at Edmund Bertram. I have pictures of the three actors who stepped into the role of Edmund. Now, I've only watched one, that being Jonny Lee Miller, so I can't say for sure who is the better, but from youTube, it's a toss-up between Jonny and Blake Ritson.

Edmund Bertram ~

Edmund is the younger son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram and is six years older than Fanny Price. Edmund has plans to become a clergyman. He and Fanny form a strong friendship early in their relationship. While Fanny looked down upon by hie family, Edmund looks past the poor relation and sees the true woman she is and can be. For a time Edmund is attracted to Miss Crawford, until she expresses her opinion on the scandal involving his sister, Mrs. Rushworth and Mr. Crawford. Like all good romance novels he soon realizes he is in love with his cousin Fanny Price and they are married.

Edmund Bartram 1:
Nicholas Farrell.

Nicholas reprised the role of Edmund in 1983.

To watch a scene from Mansfield Park 1983 you need to link in HERE.

Nicholas has also starred as Mr. Musgrove in the 2007 television adaptation of Persuasion.

Edmund Bertrum 2:
Jonny Lee Miller.
Jonny stepped into Edmund's shoes for the 1999 film of Mansfield Park.

NOTE of INTEREST: Jonny played the role of Charles Price along side Nicholas Farrell in 1983.

Jonny recently starred as Mr. Knightley in the television adaptation of Emma (let's save that for another Monday's Male)

Jonny on youTube

Edmund Bertram 3:
Blake Ritson.

Blake was selected for the 2007 television adaptation of Mansfield Park.

Blake played along side Jonny Lee Miller in the 2009 adapted for television version of Emma as Mr. Elton.

Blake on youTube.

So there we have another Monday's Male. I wonder at times, where Jane Austen found inspiration for her heroes, did she model some after her father and brothers? What about Tom Lefroy? Lefroy did come into her life at a time when she was writing Pride and Prejudice (First Impression), some say she tailored all her hero after her alleged lost love, but I'm not convinced. Her heroes are very different in some respect, yet alike in other ways.

I'm going to continue to look at Jane Austen's heroes for the next few weeks as well as compare the actors cast for the role of the hero film or telemovie.

Until next time.
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