Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Male ~ Edward Ferrars

In Sense and Sensibility for the most part we have three heroes and two heroines. Sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood capture the hearts of our three heroes, Edward Ferrars, Col. Brandon and John Willougbhy.

This week I’m looking at Edward and Elinor and their attraction for each other. So Male on Monday welcomes Mr. Edward Ferrars to the blog.

Edward Ferrars is a pleasant, unassuming, intelligent but quiet reserved young man. It is clear to all that he and Elinor Dashwood (heroine #1) are clearly attracted to each other and Elinor’s mother and two younger sisters Marianne (heroine #2) and a much younger Margaret live in hope that a marriage will be announced. Elinor’s snotty sister-in-law makes it very clear that her mother, Mrs. Ferrars, a wealthy widow, expects her eldest son to marry a woman of high rank.

Edward may have a high regard for the quiet Elinor, but he also carries a secret, that will keep them apart. He has been engaged for the past four years to one Miss. Lucy Steele. When Lucy finds out that Elinor has feelings for Edward she sets about making it know to Miss. Dashwood that he is spoken for. Poor Edward, in love with one woman and tied to another.

Right, let’s look at the actor who have portrayed the rather gentle Mr. Edward Farrars.

The BBC 1971 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility starred Robin Ellis in the role of Edward Ferrars.  

In 1981 BBC England adaptation of Sense and Sensibility graced the TV screen. Edward Farrars was played by Bosco Hogan, and did a mighty fine job of it as well. I enjoyed watching Bosco performance.


The 1995 movie version of S&S saw Hugh Grant step into the roll. Now I didn’t mind Hugh’s performance, but it was lacking something Bosco gave the role.

2008 and the BBC revisited S&S with Daniel Stevens was cast in the role of Edward Ferrars. I haven’t seen this version of S&S other than this YouTube scene, maybe Dan is a little too HOT for Edward. The wet shirt looks great.

Interesting how three very different men can portray the one role and each bring something different to the character. Wednesday I look at the three faces of Elinor Dashwood. Until then have a good one.

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