Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Male ~ The Deliciously Dashing Mr. Darcy ~ Part 2 - Revisited

Today we are going to look at the made for television adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. This is the one that surprised me. In all, there have been eight productions for television made, that is not including ‘Lost in Austen’, but I’m going to throw it in here as well, just because Elliot Cowan, is hot, but not as hot as Colin Firth.

I don’t have pictures of all the actors who played the role of Mr. Darcy, and the one’s I do are not all dress in the Darcy role. But it will give you an idea of how different producer/directors see our Mr. Darcy.

The first television production of Pride and Prejudice was made in 1938 with Andrew Osborn as the lead (This is suppose to be Andrew, but I'm not 100% sure it is).

That was followed in 1949 with NBC Philco Television Playhouse where one episode was ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Mr. Darcy was played by John Baragrey.

I couldn't find a photo of dear John on his own.

In 1952 Peter Cushing stepped into the role. Not sure about this one, he just doesn't look like a Mr. Darcy to me.

An Italian version was released in 1957 with Franco Volpi playing the part of Mr. Darcy. I'm not convinced I'd be able to watch Mr. Darcy talk in a foreign language.

umm... I have no comment!


In 1958, there were two productions of Pride and Prejudice, the first starred Alan Badel, in the role of Darcy.

While the second was a General Motors Theatre production first aired in December 1958. Darcy in this instance was played by Patrick Macnee.
This photo is one of Patrick in Jane Eyre.

A Dutch adaptation was released in 1961 titled De vier dochters Bennet, Dutch singer and actor Ramses Shaffy play Fitzwilliam Darcy. Again I'm not sure how Darcy would go with a foreign accent .

In 1967 Australian actor Lewis Fiander stepped into Mr. Darcy’s shoes.

Now there's something I didn't know, an Aussie playing the role of Mr. Darcy. Interesting.

David Rintoul took on the role in 1980. Umm, now he's not too bad, may have to see if I can't fish out the DVDs of this one.

This now brings us to the most famous of the Mr. Darcy actors Colin Firth. Colin stepped into the role in 1995, and made the character his own.

Now you had to know I was always going to use the wet photos of Colin and Elliot. What would be the point not to use them. This is called hero inspiration. It is all done for the sake of our craft.

2008, saw a new spin and the Pride and Prejudice script with ‘Lost in Austen’. Elliot Cowan, while hot and brooding, still doesn’t carry the role as well as Colin. Like, Matthew Macfadyen, Elliot doesn’t carry the air of arrogance, Colin is able to portray.

Of course, this is just my unbiased opinion. So what do you think? Who is your all time favourite Mr. Darcy?

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