Saturday, October 2, 2010

An 18th Century Shopping Trip

This week we are taking a stroll town the streets of London for our shopping trip. Invitations to the ball of the season have arrived and Lady Heroine is excited to be attending her first ball.

Only the latest fashion will do for this young lady and her grandmother will do all she can to make sure her charge snarls herself a wealthy husband.



Although our Lady Heroine may have a corset or two in her wardrobe, Grandmamma insists that only the best and newest of clothing will do for this occasion. A heavily boned and tightly laced in the back corset for a serious fit is required. A new linen chemise is also ordered to wear under the corset. NOTE: The purpose of the corset was to create erect posture and to force the breasts up and together into a position known as ‘Rising moons.’ The showing of her bosom was considered sexual or immodest, but rather a way to show her as feminine.


A bustle to go under the new gown to be made is ordered.

Outer Clothing:

The Dress

Oh yes, only the very best is what is required here and Grandmamma is very willing to pay whatever the cost may be.

An ivory silk gown, decorated with diamonds and lace, and an embroidered bodice to show off the young lady’s figure and femininity.


Stockings & Shoes

Stocking of only the finest silk will do for this occasion. A pair of silk shoes made from the same fabric as the dress with silver buckles have been ordered.


A ivory silk lace fan with a mother of pearl stick.

Okay this was a very short shopping trip this week as I’ve either been up waiting for foals to be born, or sick.

See you next week when we visit the Regency period.

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