Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Male ~ The Deliciously Dashing Mr. Darcy Part 1 - Re-Visited

Yes, this is another of my recycled blogs. But than, I love Mr. Darcy as much as I love Rhett Butler.

Oh, Mr. Darcy, where for art thou Mr. Darcy. Sorry wrong genre, author, and character. Well the character is the right one for another of my ‘MONDAY’S MALE’ Fitzwilliam Darcy or Mr. Darcy as he is better know, has been, and still is one of the all time favourite heroes. Of course, I think Colin Firth has had a lot to do with the interest in this somewhat interesting character.

When I decided to do this blog on Mr. Darcy, I believed somewhat mistakenly that there had been four or five productions of Pride and Prejudice, hence only needing to find the five actor who portrayed the role. How wrong was I? Now bear in mind I am only looking at the actors that played the role in Pride and Prejudice, not movies that have a modern day spin on the novel. Well except for ‘Lost in Austen’, but then, we do have Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. So, I’ve decided to split this into two posts, this week I’ll have the movie production of Pride and Prejudice.

Let’s first look at films. Those of the big screen. The first movie production of ‘Pride and Prejudice was in 1940, with Laurence Olivier casted in the role of Fitzwilliam Darcy. While the production was very much Hollywood, at least Mr. Olivier was British. But I’m afraid he just doesn’t hit me as Mr. Darcy.

The second movie reproductions of Miss. Austen’s novels was in 2005, when the Matthew Macfadyen stepped into the role. Now while Macfadyen was very easy on the eye (shame the was no lake scene), I wasn’t knocked over with his delivery of the character. He just didn’t seem to have the right degree of snobbery needed in the early scenes of the pompous Mr. Darcy.

I wonder what Miss Austen would think of Mr. Darcy today. Next week we'll look at the the mini-series made for television.
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