Friday, November 14, 2014

Ackermann's Fashion Month ~ Friday - January 1810

Welcome to today’s Ackermann’s Fashion Plates, January 1810.



            An Albanian robe of Sicilian blue velvet, crape, or poplin, with long sleeves, ornamented up the front with silver buttons, of the large pea form, embellished on each side, and round the bottom, with silver Vandyke border; bosom and cuffs to correspond. When this robe is formed of crape, or any light material, it must unquestionably be worn over a white satin or saranet slip. A Persian helmet cap of white satin, or silver-frosted velvet, turned up in front and on one side, where it is ornamented with a Tuscan border of silver; on the other, is placed a curled ostrich feather. The necklace and ear-rings worn with this attractive costume, must either consist of diamonds, pearls, or gold: any coloured gem would immediately vulgarise and destroy its original and chaste effect. The slipper is here represented of the same colour as the robe, and is trimmed with silver: we think, however, that those of white satin or kid are to be preferred.


            A Circassian frock of Italian crape, or Indian muslin, with slippers of pink satin or kid, with silver clasps.


            A round cottage gown of fine cambric or jaconot muslin, ornamented at the feet, collar, and wrists with borders of needle-work, or fine fringe. The waist confined at the bottom with a white ribbon, tied in short bows and ends behind. A French watch, chain and seals, in front of figure. A Russian mantle of bright crimson velvet, lined throughout with the spotted American squirrel skin, with broad facings and high collar of the same. The mantle clasped in front of the throat with silver, gold, or steel. The hat worn generally with this attractive mantle, is of the Spanish order, with variegated feather resembling the fur, pendant towards one side. We here, however, give the Siberian cap, composed of the same material, and trimmed with skin, the same as ornaments the mantle, and as selected by the elegant and distinguished female to whom we are indebted for this specimen of superior taste. The boots, it will be seen, are of crimson velvet, laced with gold cord. This mantle and cap are exceedingly elegant, when composed of emeraldgreen velvet, trimmed with leopard skin. It is furnished by Miss Millman, of Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly. 
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