Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ackermann's Fashion Month ~ Tuesday - October 1809

Today sees us visiting October 1809 Ackeremann’s Fashion Plates.



A LIGHT blue, or grey chemise robe, of gossamer net, imperial crape, or Spanish gauze, worn over white pearling satin, ornamented up the front with French bows and knots of silver. A full melon sleeve, formed of the same material as the dress, and alternate stripes of white satin; finished with bows and knots of silver. A double roll of white satin round the neck of the robe, by way of tucker. Hair falling in natural and irregular curls on the forehead; confined in a bow and curled ends, or in plaited braids, at the back of the head, with a diamond comb. Diamond bandeau, with necklace, armlets, and drop ear-rings of the same. Slippers of white satin with silver clasps. French kis gloves, just escaping the elbow. Fan of carved ivory.


             A fine cambric or Indian muslin high gown, with long sleeves and falling collar, ornamented at the feet, and round the neck, with appliqu├ęd lace or needle-work. Deep amber broach, or gold filigree buckle, confining the dress at the throat and waist, with bracelets en suite. Gold chain and opera glass. The woodland hat of fine plaited straw or chip, with ostrich feather falling on one side. A French cloak of bright purple sarsnet or velvet, lined with amber or rose colour, and trimmed entirely round with broad black lace and beading. Purple parasol, with deep white or amber awning. Shoes and gloves of buff kid.

N.B. There is no change in gentlemen’s dresses since our last.
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