Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ackermann's Fashion Month ~ Thursday - December 1809

Today we look at the last month of 1809.



            A fine cambric or jaconot muslin round robe, with long plaited sleeves, and worked antique front; bordered at the feet with needle-work or appliquéd lace. Elastic belt, confined behind with a bow and ends of ribbon. A plain shirt, with high collar, sitting close to the throat, and trimmed at the extreme edge with a plaiting of French net. A rosary and cross of blended gold and amber. A Tyrolese coat of shaded green, or drake’s-neck velvet, lined throughout with amber sarsnet, and trimmed with gold or Chinese floss binding. The Amazonian helmet, composed of the same materials, ornamented with a patriotic band and bow, towards one side; a curled ostrich feather, tipped with gold, on the other. Slippers of amber velvet, with black binding and rosettes. Gloves of York tan.


            A white satin round robe, with demi-traine. A short sleeve of interjoined lace and gold beading. A military front, composed of gold cord and frogs. A pelerine of white satin, with full collar, and border of swandown, and a rich cord and tassel of gold. A Grecian coif of white satin, with appliquéd border of lace, and band and crecent of pearl. A long sleeve, of French lace; or a glove, of French kid; with bracelets and necklace of pearl. Crimson slippers, with gold imperial trimming. Ivory fan, mount of crimson crape, ornamented with a border of gold jessamine.
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