Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ackermann’s Fashion Week ~ Sunday - August 1809

This was to be my last post for Ackermann’s Fashion week, but I have decided to extend it to the end of the month. Today we are looking at fashion from the August 1809 issue.


A Vestal robe of the finest India muslin or cambric, with a border of lace or needle-work round the feet, and continued up the front. An Austrian spencer, with Carmelite hood, composed of white or silver-grey satin, or of Paris net with an appliquéd border of French lace or Chinese trimming, confined at the throat with a silk cord and tassel. A cornelian cross, suspended from gold elastic chain. French watch, worn on the outside of the robe; the seals disposed in the center of the bosom, by way of broach. Parasol corresponding with the spencer. Soes and gloves of lemon-coloured kid.

            A frock of fine cambric, with small tucks round the bottom. An Andalusian cosaque, or short coat, of the same, ornamented with a jonquille, or lemon-coloured border. A long silk throat-scarf of the same colour, tied loosely at the bosom, and finished with rich tassels. A Spanish hat of imperial chip, or plaited straw. Gloves and slippers the same colour as the scarf.

            No.1. – A petticoat of camdric, bordered with needle-work at the bottom. An Egyptian vest of the same colour, with correspondent border, in primrose or straw colour. Drawn tucker of French lace, finished at each edge with the same style of border. A provincial bonnet of fine moss or satin straw, ornamented with a cluster of the double stock in front. Austrian scarf, of light blue sarsnet, tastefully disposed across the back and shoulders; the ends finished with gold or silver tassels. Shoes and parasol to correspond with the scarf. Gloves of York tan.

            No. 2.- A cambric petticoat, richly bordered at the feet in needle-work and Vandyke lace. An Andalusian cosaque of shot sarsnet, edged round the bosom, and at the feet and wrists, with the same, and tied down the front with bows, and ends of white silk cord. A convent veil, of French lace, thrown back, so as to display the hair in front, which appears divided on the forehead, and flowing in irregular ringlets on each side of the face. Opera glass, with gold Venetian chain. Parasol and slippers corresponding with the coat. Gloves of lemon-coloured kid.
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