Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ackermann's Fashion Month ~ Wednesday - November 1809

Today we are looking at the Fashion Plates from November 1809



            A high morning robe of fine jaconot, or cambric muslin, buttoned from the throat to the feet; high fluted collar, edged with lace, and clasped in the center with a topaz, or other gem. A Chinese girdle and tassel confines the bottom of the waist, and is tied in the front, so as to reach a little below the knee. A loose morning robe, or pelisse, of white muslin, green shawl print, or jubilee sarsnet, trimmed entirely round with a correspondent border. Silver filigree bracelets, with topaz studs. A matron mob, or cap of point lace. Ornamented with shaded yellow, or lemon-coloured ribbon. Gloves and slippers of lemon-coloured kid. – Infant’s robe, of yellow muslin, over a fine soft cambric skirt.


            A petticoat and Roman tunic of fine thin cambric, long sleeves, and high collar, interjoined and trimmed with lace; the tunic finished at the bottom with a border of fret-work. A jubilee cloak of bright amber velvet, or shaded gold-coloured sarsnet, trimmed entirely round with swandown, and confined at the center of the throat with a rich cord and tassels of blended silk and gold. The cottager’s hat, of imperial-coloured straw, tied simply under the chin with a white ribbon. Parasol, gloves, and shoes, of correspondent shades with the hat.
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