Friday, February 22, 2008


Not as productive today. Only 1,193 words. Hubby was home sick today. Not that he was a problem he slept for most of the day. Poor baby. Anyway I've spend a couple of hours this evening working on my story. Plus watching T.V.
On the subject of T.V. have you ever noticed how many adult ads they have on after 10pm. Sexy girls on mobiles. Sexy girls you can ring and listen to they having fake sex. Just about every second ad is like that.
Got my new laptop the other day and I'm all hooked up to wireless broadband. Of course it has Vista, which hasn't been a big problem for me yet. So fingers crossed. I love the fact that I can just pick up the computer and go anywhere with it, out on the back porch. Take it over to the lounge and watch telly while I type away. Wish I'd got one years ago. Anyway I'm having fun. Oh except when I hit the mouse thingy while I'm typing and I end up all over the place with words.
Catch ya again soon.
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