Sunday, February 24, 2008


Day six and I hit a snag for a moment of two, had to do some research. This is the downfall I guess when you don't plan your story. Not to worry the girls on RWAustralia helped me out. So now I'm back writing, well I will be after I have a coffee. At some stage I'm going to have to do my character charts. My heroine still doesn't have a last name and I'm not sure I like her or the hero's first names. Doing character charts normally clinch the name game for me. Maybe I'll do that next week. So my total for yesterday was 1,730, which I know is a good daily total, but I guess Frantic Friday spoiled me a bit.
Anyway I'm going to make my coffee, hubby will up from the hay shed soon wanting his cuppa so I had best go boil the jug at least. Until next time, which will more then likely be tonight (Grey's Anatomy) night YA.

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