Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Bad Sex Winner's List

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been suffering from migraines on and off for the last month or so. Not a pleasant experience I can tell you. Anyway I’m hoping I’m on the road back no.

I have this nifty little book I picked up from Borders on one of my shopping trips. It’s the ‘Whitaker’s Almanack Pocket Reference 2008 Facts and Figures…Fast’. There is some interesting information in it which I thought I would share with you. Most of the content is related to Britain, but others are related worldwide. So the first list I’ll share with you today is ‘BAD SEX AWARD’ WINNERS. This award is given annually to the author who has written the worse sex scene in a novel. This award has been given out since 1993 by first literary critic Rhonda Koening and laye by the editor of the Literary Review Auberon Waugh.

The list is;
Year Novel Author

1993 -A Time to Dance, Melvyn Bragg
1994 -The Stone Breakers, Philip Hook
1995 -Gridiron, David Huggins
1997 -The Matter of the Heart, Nicholas Royle
1998 -Charlotte Gray, Sebastian Faulks
1999 -Starcrossed, A.A. Gill
2000 -Kissing England, Sean Thomas
2001 -Rescue Me, Christopher Hart
2002 -Tread Softly, Wedy Perriam
2003 -Bunker 13, Aniruddha Bahal
2004 -I am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe
2005 -Winkler, Giles Coren
2006 -Twentysomething, Iain Hollingshead
2007 -The Castle in the Forest, Norman Mailer

In fifteen years there is only one woman, Wedy (Wendy) Perriam. So is this because men have no idea about writing about sex? I don’t believe that. I found this article which explains the procedure of choosing a winner and what they have to do.

I’ll have another interesting list, ‘The Booker Prize Winners’ which started in 1969, for my next blog.

I also start BIAW, next week with WRW-BIAW yahoo group:

They have a BIAW every month, just what I need to get me back on track. Plus the RWAustralia group is starting up their BIAW again from March, so I'll have no excuse about not getting my writing done. Until next time 'May the Word Fairy come and sit on your shoulder and give you words of inspiration.'

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