Friday, February 6, 2009

Frantic Friday ~ Fantastic Failure

So it was frantic Friday today and you know what I did? I watched two DVDs. Yep, no writing, no editing and no writing reviews. I am soooo slack. The DVDs I watched were 'The Duchess' and 'The Edge of Love' both starred Keira Knightley and both I thought were fantastic. But than I think Keira does period pieces so well. Then just to top it all off I came up with an idea for a new novel. Just what I need, NOT. Anyway I'm going to do some research and see where it leads me. But I am Not starting a new novel YET.

On another note, I'm all signed up for the RWA Bootcamp later this month. It should be great and I'm looking forward to learning heaps. More on that as the time gets closer.

I'll do reviews on both DVDs soon. Okay I know it's a short post today, but at least I posted. LOL.

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