Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sensational Sunday ~ Books

I've been bad again. Yes I went shopping today, only for groceries mind you. But first I had to get a set of keys cut so to fill in time I went for a wander around Big W and what did I find, none other than Kelly Hunter's 'Playboy Boss, Live-In Mistress' and Anna Cleary's 'Untamed Billionaire, Undresses Virgin'. Now of course I couldn't very well walk by and not have a look at them, now could I? Somehow they ended up in my trolley and are now in my TBR pile.

Then because I thought I could do with some exercise I went for a walk way up the other end of the shopping centre, and I swear Angus & Robertson has a magnet attached to it because I was dragged into that shop and right to the romance section. And there staring me in the face was Anna Campbell's new release 'Tempt The Devil' now only because I have loved both of Anna's previous novels 'Claiming The Courtesan' and 'Untouched' plus the cover is just soooooo lovely and it matches the other two so well. I thought I really can't walk out and not buy it, I mean I miss out if I leave it there, someone else might buy it, then I'll be sad. Everyone in my family knows if I'm not happy ain't anyone happy. So for the peace and harmony of my home and family I bought it as well. Now aren't I just the most caring person in the world? LOL.
This is the US cover.

Now have a look at these and tell me, aren't these three great novel covers fantastic?

See ya next time.
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