Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

Today’s Thursday Thought is of the families affected by the fires in Victoria. I’ve watched the news night after night and I can’t help but admire the courage these people have after all they have been through. I am so proud to be an Australian at the moment. Well more than normal, and I’m always proud that I’m Australian. But to watch the donation pour in for the relief fund, to watch some of our best actors, musicians and sports stars take the time to go into these communities or man the phones for the telethon tonight and the fact that so much has been raised. All I can say is “Well done Australia”.

This is going to be a long and hard road to recovery for many people and communities, let’s not forget them in the months ahead.

Donations can be made by phoning 1800 811 700 or go to the website and click on the Donate Now button.

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