Thursday, April 10, 2014

At Your Service ~ The 19th Century Cook

The Cook.

Known as (Mrs.) whether married or not.

She's in charge of the kitchen staff and responsible for preparing the family's meals.

The undercook or kitchen maids prepare the ingredients ready for the cook to use for a meal.

An under cook would prepare meals for the cook and the staff.

 All ingredients are prepared for her to use by the kitchen maids. She would normally be up early to have her breakfast and then attend to the family breakfast. 

After breakfast is seen to, she would sit down and prepare the menu for the rest of the day. This would sometimes reviewed and altered by the mistress. 

Afternoon are normally her free time unless there is to be a dinner party, then she would stay in the kitchen making sure everything is in the ready for the evening.

She is responsible for all kitchen staff.

Her duties are over once dinner is served

It is her responsibility to make sure the basement doors and windows are locked and to let the kitchen fire burns low

She reports to the Mistress of the house.

A cook for a modest house might only make 30 pounds ($3,200) a year.
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