Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Words on Wednesday ~ á Words

From Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary

áblepsy. n.s Want of sight, natural blindness

ábsonous adj. Absurd, contrary to reason.

áccidence n.s The little book containing the first rudiments of grammar, and explaining the properties of eight parts of speech

ácme n.s The height of anything; more especially used to denote the height of distemper, which is divided into four periods. 1. The ache, the beginning or first attack. 2. Anabasis, the growth. 3. Acme, the height. And 4. Paracme, which is the declension of the distemper. Quincy

áeromancy n.s The art of divining by the air. Dict

áfterclap n.s Unexpected events happening after an affair is suppose to be at an end.
ágminal adj. Belonging to a troop.

águe An intermitting fever, with cold fits succeeded by hot. The cold fit is, in popular language, more particularly called ague, and the hot the fever.

álkahest n.s. A word used first by Paracelsus, and adopted by his followers, to signify an universal dissolvent, or liquour, which has the power of resolving all things into their first principles.

álogy n.s. Unreasonableness; absurdity. Dict

ámorist n.s An inamoratos; a gallant; a man professing love.

ánglicism n.s. A form of speech peculiar to the English language; an English idiom.

ápoplexy n.s. A sudden deprivation of all internal and external sensation, and of all motion, unless of the heart and thorax. The cause is generally a repletion, and indicates evacuation, joined with stimuli. Quincy
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