Thursday, April 17, 2014

At Your Service ~ 19th Century Lady's Maid

The Lady’s Maid’s day starts as soon as her mistress wakes. It is the lady’s maid’s responsibility to attend to her mistress’s appearance and keeping the mistress’s rooms tidy.

Her duties include:
Arranging her mistresses hair and assists in dressing her.
She packs and unpacks the mistress when traveling.
She may also make her mistress’s dresses.
Depending on the size of the household, she may assume some of the housekeeper’s duties.

In a typical day, she:
Brings up hot water as necessary
Brings up tea before breakfast
Prepares the clothes for dressing,
Assists the mistress in dressing
Puts the room in order
Puts out necessities for walking, riding or driving
Assists in taking off her outdoor attire
Puts evening dress in order

Assists in dressing her for dinner
Assists in undressing her
Puts away her jewels,
Keeps her wardrobe in repair and washes the lace and fine linens.
She also attends to any pets the mistress may have.

The mistress may at times give her lady’s maid any dresses she no longer wants.

The Lady’s Maid like the Valet would earn 20-23 ($2,100-$3,200)
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