Thursday, April 24, 2014

At Your Service – 19th Century The Footman

The First Footman was also known as the Head Footman, Under Butler or Deputy Butler. He was directly below the butler. If there were more than one footman they were distinguished as ‘First Footman’, ‘Second Footman’, etc. They were typically place in rank according by their height, size and good looks. They would often payed more depending on their height. They were trained to work in perfect harmony.

Duties of the footman:
 Accompany the mistress of the house when she paid calls or went shopping.
Waiting tables
Polishing the household copper and plate
Cleaning knives and cutlery
Clean shoes and boots
He could also at time to act as valet to the master or the eldest son of the house

The first footman’s wage was around thirty pounds ($3,200) per year.
The second footman would earn around Twenty-five pound ($2,700) per year.

While a footman of lower rank would earn Twenty pound ($2,100) per year.
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