Friday, January 30, 2009

Frantic Friday

Now where the hell did this last week go? And the month for that matter. Is it just me or is time going faster now I'm older? I am quite pleased with myself today, I had another good day on the writing front, 4,752 words for the day so far, and I have reached my target goal of 20k for the month. (See my new challenge winners logo way cool hey). So YAY me. 'The Godmother's Wish' total 20,111 words.

I'm not sure if I'll get much more done today but I really would like to have 'The Godmother's Wish' finished by tomorrow. That way I can go back to working on my editing. Let's face it I have more than enough of that to do. i am even going to convince some other person that bugs me from time to time to do some editing. (Wish me luck with that one).

I'm going to be doing a Writer's Bootcamp with two writing buddies of mine Monique Wood and Anita/Ellanora Joy (we are going to have heaps of fun and of course learn even more) anyway we are doing this in February over two Saturdays.
For now I think I'll try to do a bit more writing and see how I go until hubby comes in for dinner. Fish with crab and prawns sauce is on the menu tonight, he should enjoy that as a meal.
See ya tomorrow with my Sexy Saturday inspiration.
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