Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sensational Sunday

Heavens here it is Sunday already. Where the hell did the week go? We have a long weekend here in the Land of Oz for Australia Day tomorrow, which is good, I get to have hubby home for another day. Of course, this also means that I do not get a lot done as he is always asking me what I’m doing even when he can see I’m either writing or reading. Speaking of reading, I managed to read four novels since Thursday and write four reviews. Luckily two were only novellas. So I’m all caught up with reviews and I’m about to start on doing some critiques. I managed to write two scenes for ‘The Godmother’s Wish’, poor Roman he is having such a hard time of it. Hehehehe.

I thought I would finish the week off with a couple of photos of sensationally sexy Australian Actors in honour of Australia Day. Well that’s my excuse anyway. LOL.

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