Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 7 of NaNo and Sven Day 24

Well I did another 1,062 words today and in my personal unbiased opinion it is crap (still), but I'm powering on. I keep saying to myself this is just the first draft, you can fix it all later, but can I? Can I really do this? I getting to the saggy middle and I am soooo scared it is going to sag to where ever it is on the other side of the world, you know go straight through the centre of the earth and just keep on going saggy, saggy, saggy middle.

Have you ever written a book where you think I just do not like some of these people. My hero I like but he never does what I want him to do, my heroine I like but she is stronger the I thought she would be, see just not playing nice. But some of the other characters are just plain pains in the butt, I don't know writing is the pits at the moment. I've been so tempted to go and have a nice chat with Tyler and Jackie (although they don't listen to me either), maybe Rhett and Ella would be better they are always nice, not so much doing as I say but at least they don't go doing 180's on me and leave me looking at the screen like a dummy, and saying "What The?"

Anyway I'm stepping back from it all for the afternoon, clear my head and maybe come back tonight and tackle it all again.

Sorry for the rambling and whining and whinging.

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