Friday, November 23, 2007

Slogging It Out

Well I'm over the 35,000 mark YAH!!! 35,209 to be exact. I'm finding it harder and harder to write each day. Well let's face it I'm NOT writing each day. Has not been a good week. I've been sick for the most part. Dizzy, nauseous, headaches, I'm so over it all.

I went to he doctors today. He's not happy with my blood pressure. Too high, so he has given me another tablet to take and increased one of my others to two at night. I wouldn't want to be a spy or anything in that line because they'd hear me coming a mile off. My wrist is no better, so I'm off to the physio, made me promise I'd go. (I think when this is all over, I'm going to take some time off from typing.) On top of all that he is now worried about my kidney's again. So it's off for more blood tests, God I hate needles.

Anyway on to my story. Isaac had an accident, got bucked of a horse. Silly man didn't lunge the horse first. Cold back horse, open paddock, loose reins and not having mind on job at hand, just asking for trouble. Poor Isaac got it in spades. Of course, it did wake Ashley up enough for her to realise she's in love with the man.

Tomorrow I'm going to my son's to have a family get together for my mum coming home from respite. The last week of her stay she was confined to her bedroom, because they had an outbreak of gastroenteritis. I have to tell you she was so happy to get home. Anyway we're having a party to welcome her home.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Get lots and lots of writing done and have fun.
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