Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NaNo - Day 6 & Sven Day 23

Haven't been able to put a lot of writing time in on my novels the last few days. We took Mum to Respite yesterday, she seemed very happy when my sisters and I left her, I hope she is having a good time. On top of that I've been sick for a few days as well, some tummy bug I think, hence the slow going with my writing.

I sooo happy I was able to get a good start, it gives me a bit of leeway. So I have 12,620/50,000 words that's 25.0% on 'Baby Can I Hold You'. That's not bad for six days work.

Over all for Sven I have 36,920/150,000 that's 24.6% of my three novels done, I'm happy with that progress. I don't think I'll get the three novels finished before the end of Sven but I'm still hopeful of getting at least two finished.

Hope you are all have a great week.
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