Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day Four of Sven - Pushy Men.

Thursday and day four of Sven. When I first started writing 'Back to You' I thought I would write along the lines of a Sweet Romance, you know keep the bedroom door CLOSED.

Well it seems Tyler has other ideas. I spent half the morning arguing with him. I mean for heavens sake, he is just a character in my head. I should be able to control what I want in my novel right? Wrong, Mr. I Want The Bedroom Door Opened, nagged and nagged, I explained it was a Sweet Romance bedroom door closed. But no matter what I said or did, he was "open the bedroom door Sandie" so in the end I gave in and wrote the damn sex scene. If nothing else, at least it shut him up.

The thing is though, I am no where near ready for Tyler and Jackie to be doing the horizontal tango. He cheated, Tyler jumped a chapter or two just to get Jackie in bed. Men!!!

The good thing is I reached my word count for the day.

I'm finishing up a bit early today as I have a author chat to go to tonight. That should be good I love finding out how others write their novels, how they get their ideas etc. Tonight is with four crime writers, so looking forward to this.

I didn't get anything done on 'Clint's Adventures' so will have to work extra hard tomorrow to make up the word count.

Bye for now. Have a great evening.
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