Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Sunday Afternoon - Day 14

It Sunday afternoon, we've had some rain YEA (not enough) but some is better then none. I've spend the day writing, wandering around thinking about writing, then writing again.

So it is the end of BIAW and did I make my pledged goal? YES and some to spare. YIPPEE. On to the next challenge. I'm putting Tyler and Jackie to bed for awhile (which is were they nearly ended up today except his nosy sister and her pesky friend turned up uninvited. They can stew for a while. Anyway I'm almost half way to my word count for 'We Were In Love', 24,470 looking good for when I come back. (Now this all hinges on Tyler letting me get to work on a new book. I won...der, if I tell him to take a month, think about some nice romantic ways to woo Jackie, take it slow, real slow. Maybe, just maybe he'll listen.) OH and have a look at my pretty word meter thingy, cool hay.

The next three days I'm going to make sure I have all my character profiles in order and re tidy around my desk and just generally make sure my life outside writing is okay. I need to visit with at least two of my mum's (I have three, two mother-in-laws, how lucky can I girl be?) Do the washing, vacuum, cook, all the things I HATE!!!!

Well that's me for this wonderfully Sunday afternoon. I'm getting a headache, bum ache and my hand is hurting, so I will go and do something completely different. I might read, no that's no good with a headache ... I know I'll go and sit outside in the fresh air and watch the horses. That's nice and calming, well so my hubby keeps telling me. Bye.

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