Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNoWriMo - Baby Can I Hold You.

Here is a quick run down on my NaNoWri Mo Novel.


Come and see what happens when two well meaning relatives try to play cupid in an online chat room.

Isaac Morris horse stud owner and horse trainer is well known around town as the local bad boy. He grow up as the kid with a tough guy image from the wrong side of the track, who hated rule and regulations of any sort. Isaac has a couple of secrets, secrets he wants no one to find out about or that image he worked so hard to build well be destroyed. So when the dog he inherited from his Great-Aunt Philana shows signs of arthritis and he is forced to make a visit to the local veterinary clinic he knows that at least one of his secrets could very well get out.

Ashley Bailey has come to the small country town to help her uncle in his veterinary clinic after he had a slight stroke and needs to slow down. To help her forget about the death of her beloved husband Ashley takes on the majority of the work at the clinic. What she never expected to was to find herself attracted to the local bad boy, nor does she know what to make of her growing feelings for her online faceless friend.
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