Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sven Day Thirteen

I have put yesterday firmly behind me.

This morning I woke up with new optimism. No more feeling sorry for myself, there are bigger things in this world to worry about then a bad hair cut.

I had a good day with my writing 1500 words WOO HOO, back on track. I'm back in front with my pledge for BIAW, that's a good thing and I'm working on my project for NaNo 'Baby Can I Hold You.'

Things are not looking good for me to have 'We Were In Love' finished before NaNo still another 27,000+ words to go, but I should make a good dent in it so that is better then nothing.

Tonight I'm going to put some more time in Character Profiles for 'Baby Can I Hold You'. Once I've done that I'll give you a small run down on the characters and story line.

Well that's it for this sunny Saturday.

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