Friday, October 26, 2007

Sven Day Twelve

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought you should have just stayed in bed? Well I had one of those today, nothing really bad just miner things. So on a good note hubby is happy he is getting some money back from Tax, YEAH.

Haven't done any writing today, unless you count doing more work to character profile, which I know I can use as work for Sven, but not for BIAW so now I'll have to work really hard tomorrow and Sunday to get my word count back up. So there is number one reason for not getting out of bed. GOT NO REAL WORK DONE, SHAME ON ME.

On another note got my hair cut today, I've had it long (like half way down my back) for soooo long and today I went in and got it cut short. Now there is a story behind why I had to do this, last year just before Christmas I decided to go grey, (my natural colour) so I bleached all the dark brown out of my hair. How was I to know that you can't dye your hair grey, anyway Jim told me to go to the hairdressers, but No I had to do it myself. What I did was just about killed my poor hair. Anyway it had grown out enough that I could get it cut and not look like I'd joined the army and had one of their short back and sides cuts. Jim likes it (which surprised me because he likes my hair long.), my daughter likes it, it's now one colour or at least the colour is natural, but it is still soooo soooo short. I don't know weather to cry or just stay home and hide until it grows again. Sigh!!! I should have just stayed in bed. Sigh!!! If I drank I'd get drunk but I'm not a drinker (will not since my teenage years, drank enough then to last anyone a life time), so I guess I'll go and make a cuppa. And maybe try to do some work on one of my WIP's.

Sorry for the rambling, I seem to be doing that alot lately

Bye Hugs
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