Friday, October 12, 2007


Well that is my goal, being organized, being prepared. I have spent today organizing my writing space. I’m doing another collage, I love have pictures over my computer, it’s just the pesky storyboards that upset my writing flow. So I have my collages, my space is nice and tidy (and if you knew me at all that is a major achievement on my part). The writing is coming free and easy; I was able to get 5,500 on paper yesterday and Wednesday, so I'm confident I'll be able to reach my targeted goals.

Today was a wipe out; I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and guess what? I’ve pulled the tendon in my left thumb, from playing the Play Station of all things, it’s not like I sit around all day playing the silly thing, I might have a game with my grandson once a week if I’m lucky. Well it’s not going to stop me from my writing, no way; I’m on a roll and rolling I’m staying. Then we had thunder storms around us all day, so no writing done but I did have a productive day.

Oh, last night at about midnight, I thought I would add a post over at 70DOWS, know what I did? I joined up again. Yeah now I’m down twice (I could just see my dad up above scratching his head and saying “You’ve got your self in a good pickle this time kiddo” and of course he’d be right. Then I got to thinking, I have a children’s book I’ve wanted to put together so now is as good a time as any, so that is going to be a small project for me to work on as well. So my commitment is 700 words a day for my children’s book and 1,200 words a day on my other WIP. I’m going to be a busy girl but I reckon if I can pull this off I will be able to work under all kinds of pressure.

Well that it for now I’m going to do some work on my WIP while there are no storms. Catch ya later.
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