Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day One of 70 DOWS

Well all started on track, I got to my targeted goal 1,200 for'Back To You' which I'm pleased about. I'm at the part where hero and heroine are having some major conflict with each other.

Did I tell you who I have pictured for my hero and heroine?
No, I don't think I did.
Meet Tyler MacKenzie: Dylan McDermott - tall, dark and handsome.

And let me indroduce Jackie Donohue: Sandra Bullock - smart, sweet and sexy.

Now on to my second project for 70 DOWS, my children's story 'Clint's Adventure', well it seems I didn't do enough research on fireflies, so I only got 550 words on paper today instead of 700. Well I guess 550 is better then none at all.
It's heading to 2am here down under, I've spent too much time on the internet, so I'm off to bed. Hope everyone has a happy one. Bye for now.
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