Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day Nine of Sven

WOW I did it, I've made 20,000 woo hoo. Now I'm rolling 2,047 words today not bad. Just look at my word meter thingy cool hay. Doing BIAW really helps because I can't have a day off this week, I have to do my word count each day. I don't want to let Pam down after she took on the job at the last minute. So thank you Pam, you are my life line this week.

Tyler and Jackie are working along in harmony still, which is a good thing I think, I'm just waiting for the next bomb to hit. Funny thing about today though I wrote the Epilogue, for some reason Jackie needed to know that things were going to end okay, the poor love needs her happy ever after.

Anyway I need to go and let Pam know my word count for the day. Catch ya later.

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